The image of Colombian women is different from the one seen abroad.

For decades, Colombian women have had an incorrect image abroad. That is why Colombian Woman is a movement that will highlight and show the true face that fills all Colombians with pride and happiness.

You will be surprised with these Colombian

Diana Uribe | Storyteller

She’s been called a hippie, rocker, pacifist, and relentless. But there is no other way to describe Diana Uribe as the best storyteller Colombia has ever seen.

Sara López | Global archery

Lideró el movimiento
sufragista en Colombia junto a su compañera Josefina Valencia de


Our mission

For years, the vision of Colombian women
abroad has been focused on a dark past that stained the present of the entire population.

But, in Colombia there are profiles of Colombian women who make the country great, take it to the top worldwide and show day by day, that there is nothing left of the past, only a new history is being written in various cultural areas.