Our company was born in 2015 from a need we detected in the Hispanic market. Until then, content generation was almost exclusive to the media. Today it is very different. The arrival of the internet has democratised content production thanks to smartphones, blogs, social networks, among others.

Now the need for brands is clear. They are increasing the demand for content for their digital channels (website, social networks, blogs, etc.), in order to create closer links with their audiences. “If you are on the internet, but you are not visible through content, it is as if you are not there”.

The Internet is used as a powerful medium to obtain information from the majority of visitors. That’s why, without a doubt, content is king on the internet.what is WeAreContent?

We help to effectively tell the story of every brand. Our platform has thousands of expert providers in various subject areas and content formats such as video, text, ebooks, blogs, email marketing and more. By entering your credit card, you can order your SEO-optimised content, backlink packages and copy that you can schedule with us for your social networks.