Valentina Acosta Giraldo Shoots to the Stars

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Valentina Acosta Giraldo is a 21-year-old independent young lady who aspires to become the best archer in the world. Keep reading to learn more about her.

Young Athlete and Celebrity

She’s a good Colombian professional athlete, archer, social media influencer, entrepreneur and Instagram personality (Kaur, 2021).

Dedication and hard work are things that have accompanied Valentina from a young age. She was welcomed by loving parents. Her family cared for her and supported every decision she made. They also helped her do what she wanted to do (2019b).

Valentina brought archery to her first international stage and made history. Mature for her age, she became the first Colombian woman to win a gold medal at the World Recurve Archery Championships (Voss, 2019; Biography, 2020).

She continued her archery career, joined the national team, and trained under a coach. Valentina woke up at eight o’clock every day to prepare for the training camp (Qasim, 2021).

The training time for her at the World Youth Archery Championships was twice as long as usual. Acosta received 8 hours of intensive training every day.

Four hours a day of different types of training were done before Valentina went to the World Championships. But the training was the real winner every day. The statement in Madrid was that the hard work and training paid off. Valentina won the Under-21 World Youth Championship in Madrid in 2019.

Her determination, sweat, hard work, and hours of intense training paid off. She continued to beat her major challengers from several countries to win the Youth World Archery Champion in 2009. She also limited herself to future projects on her bucket list. She did this to achieve her goals for participation in the future Olympics and Games (Ahmad, 2021).

Valentina Acosta Giraldo, the Celebrity

Valentina’s Instagram is famous, with over 20,000 followers she is a celebrity in Colombia. Her career has earned her some money, but as you may have noticed, not as much money as archery. How she lives her life will determine her future aspirations.

You should know that as a 21-year-old woman with over 20,000 followers on Instagram, archery won’t do much for her. But she’s still a celebrity, especially in her hometown of Colombia. However, she now lives in Pereira Colombia (Ahmad, 2021).

Valentina earns a salary as a junior scorer for the Colombian national team. She is an animal lover and enjoys playing with her two favorite dogs, a soft coated white terrier and her other dog (Biography Day, 2020).

In 2018, Colombian beauty archer Valentina was seen cuddling up to her two pet dogs. Two softly coated white terriers, at her home in Pereira Risaralda, where she posted pictures on Instagram.

Valentina Acosta Giraldo the Archer

Giraldo represents the Republic of Colombia at the highest level of competition. Colombia has advanced to the second round of the World Recurve Archery Championships for the mixed team in Medellin.

The 21-year-old archer, shared her thoughts on athletic appearance and style in an interview with World Archery. She explained the half-baked idea that athletes should wear clothes that reflect a masculine tone. She also revealed that it was the Hunger Games book series that got her to pursue archery as her sport (Santos, n.d.)

The young Pereirana began the first qualifying round at the Yumenoshima archery range with another 64 archers and stayed in 59th position. Valentina scored 307 points in six sets and fired 36 total shots from 70 meters from the target in the first half.

Valentina, the Colombian representative for Tokyo 2020 in the women’s archery category, finished her 72 starts and remained in 50th place.

She accumulated 627 total points in the end. Along with India, Mexico is one of the top two seeds for Olympic archery qualification in Tokyo Olympics (Kishore, 2021).

Valentina Acosta Giraldo represents the current generation of Colombian females in athletics. She is placing Colombia in the place it deserves while encouraging kids to follow in her steps.


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