Teresita Gómez, a unique Colombian female pianist

A genius from birth | A brilliant piano student | A great professional | Teresita Gómez: a wonderful person

Teresita Gómez (born in 1943) is one of the most outstanding female pianists in the country. Undoubtedly, she is the only black Colombian women devoted to academic music. It has not been easy for her: being a poor black woman demanded a lot of work and caused suffering. But it was worth the pain. In her late 70s, she is an example for all those women in Colombia who wish their dreams to come true.

A genius from birth

Teresita Gómez was a wonder child who was adopted by the gatekeepers of the Instituto de Bellas Artes in Medellin. At four, she could already play the piano. She has a perfect pitch. She learned music by listening to it, but the Bellas Artes teachers saw her talent and formally taught her piano. Professors Marta Agudelo and Anna María Penella gave her lessons. Teresita was crazy in love with the instrument, and the affair lasted forever (Mujeres Bacanas, n.d.).  

A brilliant piano student

Teresita gave her first piano concert at 10. Then she continued studying and playing at the Instituto. Between 1959 and 1962, she received piano lessons at Universidad Nacional de Colombia with the  Russian pianist Tatiana Goncharova and the German pianist Hilde Adler. Between 1964 and 1966, Teresita was the student of the Colombian-Dutch pianist Harold Martina at Universidad de Antioquia. She graduated summa cum laude from this university as Concertmaster and Piano Teacher (Banrepcultural, n.d).

A great professional

Apart from being a teacher atInstituto de Bellas Artes and universities of Antioquia, Caldas, Cauca, and Los Andes, Teresita Gómez has played with several groups: the Colombian Ensemble of Contemporary Music, the Frank Preuss Trio, and the Bogotá Quintet. She has also worked as a pianist for the Medellin Opera and the Ópera de Colombia. 

She has recored several albums as well: Para Recordar Compositores colombianos, Teresa Gómez a Colombia, Antología and 60 años de vida artística.

Teresita Gómez: a wonderful person

Teresita is well known among Medellín women like Débora Arango and María Cano, she is an inspiration for women, especially black Colombian women. Even though she is not as famous among young people like rock stars Andrea Echeverry or Catalina García, Tere is respected as a musician and as a person. Tere was close to important poets like Gonzalo Arango and actors as Bernardo Ángel. She considers herself an actress, a fighter, a survivor of difficult times, and a real woman (Matacandelas, n.d.). As she states:  “I play the piano to use a kind of language and of connection where there are no racial, social or spiritual differences” (Nómades, 2021).


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