Tatiana Calderón is taking Colombia to racing’s biggest stages

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Tatiana Calderón is one of racing’s most promising talents today. The 28-year-old Colombian has achieved some impressive feats during her career. And she is not stopping anytime soon. Read on to discover her accomplishments and her gaze on the future of racing.

A lifelong love affair

Tatiana has been around racing cars her whole life. Her father is a passionate racing fan, so it is only natural that she debuted in Colombia as a go-kart driver when she was only nine years old. She went on to shine among Bogotá women in sports by winning three national karting titles, which allowed her to compete internationally and reach three world finals (TCN ACTION, n.d.).

Later, at 14, she raced her first car. Year after year, she competed at major events to build her racing career. As a result, she is the first among Colombian females to ever race a Formula car, or single seater (Orrego, n.d.).

Driving Formula

Calderón has broken the mold not only by being the first Colombian beauty to steer the wheel of a Formula vehicle but by being the first woman ever to compete in Formula Two. There, she raced at renowned circuits like Monaco and Baku (Semana, 2021).

Her skills landed her a spot in the Alfa Romeo Formula One team as a test driver — a coveted opportunity she has retained for four consecutive years (EFE, 2020). She considers her time with the squad as one of the best moments in her career and keeps dreaming of becoming a Formula One title driver (Semana, 2021).

Tatiana Calderón: a road of accomplishments

Rising among the ranks in racing takes skill, talent, and passion. Calderón devotes between two and four hours a day to her physical training. She enjoys running, cycling, and swimming (TCN ACTION, n.d.). Additionally, racing requires deep knowledge of vehicles, roads, and the science behind driving (Semana, 2021).

Her dedication to her craft has paid off. Tatiana has conquered many key goals at the heights of competitive driving, including (Colprensa, 2021. Orrego, n.d. Semana, 2020. TCN ACTION, n.d.):

  • Finishing 95% of her races.
  • Being the only woman to obtain a spot at the Word Series 3.5 podium.
  • Staying at the top 15 of best Formula Three drivers for years.
  • Being the first woman to win the United States’ Snap-On-Stars championship.
  • Achieving a top 10 performance in the LMP2 category at the 2020 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race.
  • Test-driving an IndyCar as a guest of the Foyt Racing team, created by legendary American driver AJ Foyt. With this opportunity, Tatiana has driven virtually every single seater in the main Formula categories worldwide.

Championing women in racing

Tatiana has made a name for herself in the international racing scene by competing in a male-dominated sport.

She has done it by herself, and as part of a team. During her 2020 performance at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, she was one-third of the only feminine team to compete in prototype categories since 1991 in the race. Moreover, she raced once more against her idol, Juan Pablo Montoya, at this event (Semana, 2020).

As an ambassador for the FIA Women in Motorsport Commission, Calderón aims to open racing to girls everywhere. She says it is critical for girls to know racing is an option available to them, especially as it is one of the few disciplines that allows for equal competition between men and women (Semana, 2021).


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