Real Colombian Women and how to be a master at dating them

Real Colombian Women | Practical tips to date real Colombian women

Like every other human on the planet, real Colombian women are complex. This does not mean you cannot learn the main traits of their culture and some practical tips to date them successfully. Read on to find out more.

What you need to know about real Colombian women

We have selected the most important aspects of Colombian women culture you need to know to develop a relationship with them (Expats in Colombia, 2021. González, 2020).


Upon meeting Colombian women, chances are you will soon discover they and their countrymen tend to live in the present. As a result, they find monotony and routines to wear out easily. In turn, they find spontaneity and authenticity attractive.

On the same line, Colombian womenenjoy a good sense of humor, a bright disposition toward life, and a positive outlook.


Real Colombian women are resourceful, creative, and hard-working. When they come into trust with you, you’ll find that these traits will pop up to surprise you. It is likely to grow closer to them if you manage to showcase your resourcefulness and drive.


One of the top Colombian women facts you can learn is that they are passionate and affectionate. Local culture is all about physical ways to communicate and express your feelings. As a result, theyare attracted to kindness and attention. Conversely, they are usually driven away by a cold, distant demeanor and ungratefulness.

On this same page, Colombian women are very family-oriented. Dating them will most likely involve meeting their relatives and spending time with them.


Notably,women of Colombiatend to pay attention to their appearance and personal upkeep. Moreover, they also favor suitors who follow suit and mind how they look, present and carry themselves.

Practical tips to date real Colombian women

These are some useful tips to successfully date local women (Wynne, 2020):

  • Learn the language. Being able to have a conversation in Spanish will help you out. Even though many women can chat in English, knowing them in their language is beneficial.
  • Be generous. Although they do not necessarily expect you to pay every single time you get together, generosity is very valued in Colombia.
  • Be open to doing, learning, and exploring new things while dating them.
  • Show genuine interest in Colombia. Locals tend to be proud of their country and its customs.
  • Be trustworthy and reliable. Colombian women value someone they feel they can count on. They feel loved and tended to when people stay in touch regularly.

We hope this practical guide helps you better navigate the wonders of dating real Colombian women!


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