Paula Mendoza: who have been the celebrities wearing her jewelry?

Paula Mendoza’s life | The importance of your design in the world

Are you interested in getting to know outstanding women in Bogotá? The truth is that Paula Mendoza is one of the women in Colombia who has achieved the best results in the world of design. Below, we will tell you everything you need to know about her. Go ahead!

Paula Mendoza’s life and her interest in jewelry

You may be interested in knowing the life of some Medellin women interested in design, but also of others, such as Johana Ortiz. However, in this case, we will talk about Paula Mendoza, who is one of the most prominent people in the country in the field of fashion. 

She, of Colombian origin, began her career in jewelry in 2003, with a workshop in Bogotá. A year later, as a designer, she moved to Washington, USA. At that time she began to perfect the art of jewelry until she founded her eponymous company in New York.

Since then, some stars have managed to wear some of Mendoza’s jewelry. For example, Andrea Serna, Zendaya, Tracee Ellis Ross, Lauren Santo Domingo, or Kylie Jenner. In other words, all of them prove that Mendoza is one of the most outstanding jewelers, especially in contemporary designs, which is where she stands out (People en Español, 2021). 

Although she has been working as a jeweler for 19 years, she did not know what she wanted to do. Until 2003, she worked in the Communications Department of El Espectador. In any case, it was not a job she enjoyed: her passion was jewelry.

However, she traveled as a design entrepreneur to Boston in that same year. On her first trip, she took some jewelry to sell and, to her surprise, it did well. When she returned to Colombia, she decided to quit her job to dedicate herself 100% to jewelry (Diners Magazine, 2022). 

The importance of your design in the world

Now, it is clear that she did not become famous in jewelry overnight. Her flirtation with the world of fame began in August 2013. Back then, Mendoza received a message from Ty Hunter, via Instagram. In this message, she was asked for jewelry for a Beyoncé music video. 

Back then, she thought it was a scam, though she eventually agreed. The result? Beyoncé wearing some of her jewelry in the song “XO”. Since then, celebrities like Rita Ora, Charlotte Wellesley, Kate Beckinsale, and Sofia Vergara have become devoted to her work. 

The Latina’s designs were even recently seen in a Carrie Bradshaw look in “And Just Like That… A New Chapter of Sex and the City“. Paula Mendoza’s necklace is available at the designer’s official store for $420. This item has become one of the most popular! (Harpes Bazaar, 2022). In short, you now know why Paula Mendoza is one of the most important Colombian entrepreneurs today. Her work in jewelry is one of the most popular in Latin America. We hope you find this information useful!


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