How Patricia Janiot Became a CNN Star

Patricia Janiot career | her new projects | Some of her achievements

To talk about TV anchorwomen  in Colombia is to refer to Patricia Janiot. With her work at CNN, she has managed to stand out and make a profound impression on an international scale. Here, we will tell  you all the details of her life and why she is one of the most important Colombian girls in journalism. 

Patricia Janiot: Who is ,and how she started her career

 Patricia didn’t start her career in journalism. In fact, before becoming a communications professional, she dabbled in modeling. She represented Santander in the 1983 National Beauty Contest. 

Later, she was crowned Miss Colombia World; that is, she was elected to represent Colombia in the Miss World contest.  Although she did not win and was only among the 15 finalists, it  didn’t matter: she had become famous enough to do whatever she wanted (El Tiempo, 2017). 

 Three years later, Patriciabegan her career in journalism. She  became the anchorwoman of  Noticias Krypton  until, in 1990, she joined the U.S. television network Univision. That would be the turning point  in her career: she became international.

Since 1992 she began to be an anchorwomanfor CNN in different new programs,  for example, CNN Noticiero Internacional, Las noticias, Noticias México and CNN Radio in Spanish. Since 1997, she began to be the main presenter of CNN  and this catapulted her to fame (Urgente 24, 1017). 

Consolidation and her new projects

By 2012, Patricia Janiot had served  for 20 years as a journalist in  CNN.  This Colombian woman had become one of the most visible faces of the company. This all happened thanks to her work as an anchorwoman. She hosted programs such as Panorama Mundial, Nuestro Mundo and Patricia Janiot Presenta. 

 Her career at CNN ended in 2017 when she announced her retirement from the television network where she had made history. The reason? Her foray into the Hispanic network Univision. After nearly 26 years, she left CNN to perfect her journalistic career (Infobae, 2017).  

There Patricia hosts the program Aquí y Ahora. In addition, she is the senior correspondent of the news channel.  She left CNN to have a more relevant position in a corporation in which she will seek to consolidate her job prospects. 

Some of her achievements

Undoubtedly, Patriciahas obtained important recognitions:

  • She  was nominated to the Hispanic Media 100, an annual recognition of the top Hispanic news journalists in the United States. 
  • She won an INTE (Industria de la Televisión en Español) award for Best Female News Personality. 
  • She won the Emmy Award for his work on CNN’s World Panorama in 2014 (El Espectador, 2014).

In addition, Patriciawas in charge of different events on a global scale: she interviewed international celebrities, such as Bill Clinton, Colin Powell, Augusto Pinochet, or Fidel Castro (Clases de Periodismo, 2016).  Undoubtedly, Patricia Janiot is one of the most popular television personalities of recent years. Indeed, she will continue to have an enormous trajectory in the future. 


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