Natalia Reyes, the Colombian Celebrity Fights Terminator

Early Life of Natalia | Terminator: Dark Fate | Activism | Human Rights Activism

Natalia Reyes, born on 6 February 1987 in Bogota, Colombia, is a Colombian actress. She is the daughter of Colombian parents, Jaime Reyes and Angela Gaitan. Over the course of her career, she has appeared in many movies and television series. Natalia is proud to be an actress. And her participation in Terminator – Dark Fate – was the biggest challenge of her career. 

Early Life of Natalia

Natalia began acting at the tender age of nine. She took part in several national TV shows and film series. At the age of nine, Natalia, with a wealth of experience in acting, entered the Claraluna Musical Theatre School. There, she spent seven years, recorded five albums, toured through Colombia and the United States, and appeared in several musicals. Next, she made her TV debut in 1995 in the TV series Sabor a Limon

In terms of acting training, she graduated from the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York. After Lady, La Vendedora de Rosas, Natalia was to star in Pajaro’s de Verano or ‘Birds of Passage’. The film represented Colombia in the Best Foreign Language Film category at the 91st Academy Awards.

She is one of the Colombian girls with the most experience in film, television, and theater. She has appeared in many local Colombian television series, including Lady, La Vendedora de Rosas (Grobar, n.d.). The movie La Vendedora earned her a nomination for Best Actress at the Colombian, Indian and Catalina Awards. Sources said the masterpiece was her work in Birds of Passage, a new film by Colombian filmmaker Ciro Guerra. Reyes led the film on its way to its debut at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

Terminator: Dark Fate

As an actress, she wasn’t even born when the first Terminator premiered in 1984. Though it’s still one of the classics on television, she says. 

Reyes said it was the second installment of the Terminator series that attracted her. It was the way that Sarah Connor, portrayed in most editions by Linda Hamilton, was a troubled girl who became a fighter in her own right. Shooting Dark Fate was an intense experience for Reyes. However, she recognized filming was especially tough for her co-star Mackenzie Davis, who played an expanded human soldier named Grace. 

Reyes loved Sarah’s transformation from the first Terminator to the second, and she loved seeing Dani become a leader. She portrays Dani Ramos. She is a Mexican girl with a normal life who comes to a factory only to discover that her factory’s robots are after her. She is young, she is domineering, no one is organized, and she earns stubborn fame at a young age.

Hamilton plays an ordinary woman who rises to become a heroine. Natalia says Latins are ready to play other roles and change stereotypes. They need to say no to roles that they believe are misrepresented, so to speak. 

Personal Life and Activism of Natalia Reyes

She is the 8122nd most popular actress in Colombia. The 160th most popular celebrity biography, and the 16th most popular Colombian actress (“Natalia Reyes Biography – Colombian actress,” n.d.). Natalia is emerging as one of the Latin American actresses with the greatest international promise.

One of her most memorable characters is her lead role in the famed 2015 TV series Lady, la Vendedora de Rosas. She played Lady Tabares as the lead actress in the film of the same name directed by Felipe Cano. It was inspired by the TV series for which she was nominated for the India Catalina Award for Best Actress and received many awards in Latin America. 

In 2009, she met her husband, Juan Pedro San Segundo in Cartagena, where he was organizing a music festival.

Reyes remembers first meeting Linda Hamilton: “On the set, I was a bit surprised like most people in this scenario to meet Sarah Connor who played Linda Hamilton for most of the show but found in flesh and blood that she was not of this Earth. In fact, I called it a whole new world. It’s about being part of an international franchise of action films.

“I was supported by a middle class, a hard-working, loving family, and when I was 16, I started making TV shows and movies. I was two years away from graduating from the Lee Strasberg Institute when I moved to Colombia to continue working as an actress.” She had her first television appearance at Sony in the successful Latin American series Lady, la Vendedora de Rosas, in which she played Lady Tabare. 

Human Rights Activism

Besides her impressive acting career. Natalia is also an activist. She loves fighting for good causes and helping people.

Recently, she denounced a case of police violence against her fellow actor Kendrick Sampson. She fiercely condemned the incident on her social networks. She posted a video of the aggression and attested to Kendrick Sampson’s human qualities. (Montaño, 2020)

This happened at the same time as the Black Lives Matter movement protests, which affected her given her mestizo (mixed) blood.

She gave an interview to Hola US, where she suggested some measures that would help save the environment. One of them was to watch our meat consumption. She recommended that we “try and eat less. Just once time a week, or on the weekends.” (Peña, 2019)

She said that even though she doesn’t consume meat. She isn’t “radical” about it. People that eat meat should know where their meat comes from. We should look for cows “that are real and that have been around nature.”

Her second suggestion was something that many would not expect, but the Sticks and Stones actress stated that people should limit their gold, silver and electronic purchases. She shares that the minerals found in all these products are “one of the biggest reasons of deforestation.” And the recent shortage of minerals means that she is right.

This is her, Natalia Reyes, the Colombian actress that saves the world on and off the screen.


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