Medellín women: places in the city you need to visit to meet them

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The city of Medellín is a top destination for foreign visitors in Colombia. It has it all: spring-like weather all year round, a myriad of entertainment options, and welcoming people. If you are looking to meet them, especially women, read on to discover the best places to do this.

Love at first bite

Colombia has an impressive gastronomic offering. Medellín is a great city to taste incredible dishes, as it showcases multiple styles. From traditional Colombian dishes to international food to authentic cuisine, and more.

Enjoy a good meal (and potentially the company of Medellín women) at a formal restaurant like El Cielo or a casual one, such as Bárbaro Cocina Primitiva or Ganso & Castor. Try the best of Colombian flavors at El Rancherito or Herbario (Portafolio, 2019).

Gastromarket Mercado del Río also stands out in the city as a great foodie experience.

Nightlife spots

If you are interested in meeting women from Medellínto the beat of the music, you have plenty of options to choose from (Tom, 2021):

El Poblado

It is one of the nicest neighborhoods in the city, with a nightlife crowd of locals and foreigners.

Go to Manila to grab a few drinks at the start of your night at spots like 20Missions Cerveza and Victoria Regia.

Then make your way to Parque Lleras – one of the most traditional party locations in town. Multiple bars surround the park offering diverse music styles, such as Bendito Seas, Envy Rooftop, and La Octava.

You could also venture into the upscale clubs of Provenza, like Vintrash.

La 70 Street

This road is a small salsa enclave in the Laureles neighborhood. It is mostly frequented by locals wanting to get their dancing on.

La 33 Street

La 33 is packed with clubs and bars full of locals.

Las Palmas and Barrio Colombia

These two areas are known for their VIP clubs with both foreign and local patrons. You can find it all – from Latin music places to house and techno joints. Do not miss Club 1984 and Dulce Jesús Mío.

Meeting Medellín women in the daytime

If you are not into striking up a conversation in the middle of a loud club, there are many interesting places you can meet womenin the daytime. Maybe you will be lucky enough to find your own Mariana Pajón at a local park or museum.

Public spaces

If there is one reigning trait among Colombian people, it is friendliness. Locals will usually respond well to politeness and a genuine interest in who they are and their country. That is why public spaces like parks and squares are as good a place as any to meet them– and women in Colombia in general (Eve, 2020):

  • Plaza Botero is a traditional square. It showcases multiple sculptures by the world-renowned Medellín-born artist Fernando Botero.
  • The Joaquín Antonio Uribe Botanical Garden offers a natural relaxation spot in the middle of town.
  • Explore the downtown area by foot with the popular Medellín Walking Tour. It will give you the chance to see the area through the eyes of locals.
  • Pay a visit to the Santa Fe mega-mall to shop, grab a bite to eat, and meet girls! Colombians love spending time at malls, so you shouldn’t have a problem meeting new friends.

Museums and galleries

Colombia has a diverse culture on offer which you can discover at the following places, while becoming acquainted with locals (Bell, 2017 a. 2017 b):

  • Admire different art forms at the Modern Art Museum. You will find work by top Colombian artists like Débora Arango and from contemporary local ones.
  • The Blue House is a hip artistic spot popular among Medellín’s youth. It is a gallery, a design store, a showroom, and a coffee shop all at once.
  • Parque Explora is an interactive science park that offers entertaining and educational exhibits, as well as a 3D cinema.

Meeting groups

Last but not least, the digital world offers other ways for foreigners to meet Medellín women. There are groups on different platforms geared toward fostering spaces for people to meet up. You can find stand-alone apps and sites, as well as groups in social media (Stephanie, 2018).

Some of them cater to expats, while others revolve around common interests and activities. These can be a great tool to make friends and connections, as members are actively looking to meet new people (Stephanie, 2018). As you can see, the place where you can meet a lovely paisa may be just around the corner in Medellín.


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