Mariana Pajón: a Colombian Woman to Be Proud of

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Mariana Pajón is one of the most outstanding sportswomen not only in Colombia but in Latin America. Born in Medellin in 1991, this wonder cyclist has been a two-time Olympic gold medalist and a BMX World Champion.

Like many women in Colombia, Mariana has worked hard to get where she is. Since she was a little girl, she trained several hours a day with the help of her father. But the sacrifice paid even at that time. Mariana won her first national title at the age of 5 and her first world title at 9.

Why Mariana Pajón

There are several reasons why Mariana Pajón deserves praises. She is an outstanding sportswoman who has showed women in Colombia where they can get.

Mariana has been a real example for everybody. Early in her career, she was injured and told she would never ride a bike again. But something totally different happened. She not only rode a bicycle many times after, but she became an absolute superstar (Bosse, n.d).

A Real Medellín Woman

Mariana Pajón has always been guided by high ideals: “Have a dream, enjoy it. Fight. Really, believe that it is possible to get there and that you can be bigger than you imagine”(Medellí,n.d). And certainly Mariana has fought and made her dream come true.

Mariana stands high among Colombian females. She has inspired many Medellín women and girls who take her as a role model to follow. She is also admired by other sportsmen and women and the public in general. Everybody knows that she has won every bit of her prices with a lot of effort.

Mariana Pajón: The Queen of BMX

To define Mariana Pajón as a Colombian beauty would not be fair. She is certainly more than that. She is the Queen of BMX, a title she has won with sweat, blood, and tears. She has been badly injured and fractured, but she has remained a queen, in each and every sene. She is not only a winner in the sports world. She is also a representative of all you can do if you pursue your objectives with drive (, n.d). 

Mariana Today

She made it again! In 2021, she won a silver medal in the Tokyo Olympic Games (Today in 24, n.d.) and the first place in the Supercross World Cup in Turkey (UCI, 2021).

Long live the queen, this marvelous Colombian woman, and shero, who thanks her followers for their love and good energy. No, we thank you for the happiness you have brought to our lives and what you are for our girls.    


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