Not to Be Missed when in Colombia: Manizales Women

Women from Manizales: an Artistic Kind | Culture & Fun

Manizales is a rather small city in the department of Caldas in the Coffee Zone on the Andean Mountains. Among the departments in this Zone, Caldas produces high quality coffee, and it is internationally known for that (Colombia Travel, n.d). But the capital of the department is also famous because of Manizales women. These women are remarkable in many senses, and here we will tell you why.

People from Manizaleshave paisa ancestors because the area was first colonized by people from the department of Antioquia. The women from this part of Colombia are recognized for being brave, strong, and hard working. But the women from the “City of the Open Doors” have an extra feature: they are very artistic (Trip Advisor, n.d).   

Women from Manizales: an Artistic Kind

Starting in the 20th century, many women plastic artists from Manizales become famous in the country and internationally. This is the case of María Paz Jaramillo, a painter who has created a unique pop style. This lofty artist has represented Colombia in art fairs in Norway, England, France, Puerto Rico, and Ecuador, among others.         

We also have Natalia Castañeda, a young plastic artist whose work has been exhibited in important cities in Europe. In photography we find Adriana Duque, whose work has been shown in Hong Kong and New York (Arte Informado, n.d.).

In Manizales, we also have women poets like Jhoana Patiño and Gloria María Medina. We find fine story tellers like Beatriz Elena Robedo. We learn from outstanding journalist like Adriana Villegas, recently winner of Premio Simón Bolívar, an important journalism contests in Colombia. And we can also meet outstanding cultural managers like Beatriz Ocampo, a member of the History Academy too. Women in Manizales definitely stand out for their contribution to culture (La Patria, 2021). 

Culture & Fun

Beautiful, artistic, and with high culture, these are attributes of the Manizales women. The city has always been renowned for being the birthplace of intellectuals, poets, actors, and other culture professionals. And Manizales women have also been known for enjoying and promoting culture.

But the women in this part of the country also love fun! Apart from being all we have said, they like to dance, eat outside, party, and go for walks.

If you go to Manizales, you have to visit some of its more famous places. For sure will make good friends and interact with these beautiful and intelligent women there. If you are in Manizales, you cannot miss:

  • A visit to Nevados Park.
  • An afternoon at the cathedral.
  • The view of the city from the Skywalk.
  • A sample of coffee at Hacienda Venecia.
  • A typical dish in Los Geranios.
  • A party night in Rooftop La Cúpula.

As you can see, Manizales is one of the best places to visit next time you are in Colombia. In this cozy city, you will learn about the beauty and warmth of women in Colombia, especially of Manizales women. And as extra bonus, you will enjoy the many phases of life: from the most refined to the most worldly.


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