How to make a Colombian woman fall in love with you: a simple guide

How does love work? | Colombian woman fall in love with you | Be spontaneous | Be resourceful | Have a sense of humor | Be affectionate | Value family | Show genuine interest in Colombia | Mind the way you carry yourself

If you need a hand figuring out how to make a Colombian woman fall in love with you, you have arrived at the right place. Keep reading to discover the most important things you should keep in mind when trying your luck at love with a Colombian woman.

How does love work?

Isn’t that an age-old question? Before diving into the intricacies of how to make a Colombian woman fall in love with you, let’s take a brief look at the answer to this question.

Humans have analyzed and talked about love since time immemorial. It seems to be a part of many conversations – philosophy, art, and even science.

Even though we may think of it as a hazy, mysterious, dream-like state, love is – in fact – a matter of science. It has to do with a series of complex chemical reactions in the human body.

Romantic love shows three categories: lust, attraction, and attachment. Each one triggers different reactions in the brain. Lust releases testosterone and estrogen. In turn, attraction produces other hormones – the ones responsible for what we describe as butterflies. This stage of love also expresses itself in fixation. Lastly, attachment yields an all-round feeling of security and stability from a different set of hormones (Signi Livingstone-Peters, 2020).

So, can we tweak the science of love? Maybe. Psychologist and relationship researcher Arthur Aron has found that vulnerability, intimacy, and closeness tend to foster healthier romantic relationships, so lovers should benefit from being open with each other (Rubio, 2015).

How to make a Colombian woman fall in love with you

First, a disclaimer. There is no infallible guideline to winning someone over. However, we wish to provide some food. These are some pivotal things you should consider once you meet Colombian women and become interested in a relationship with them.

Be spontaneous

Colombian people have a knack for living in the present. That is why monotonous lifestyles tend to drive them away. Be sure to showcase your spontaneous and authentic personality around Colombian women.

Be resourceful

A true Colombian won’t stay in a rut for long. People in Colombia are known for being resourceful, creative, and hard-working. Make sure to highlight these traits in your everyday life to attract positive attention from Colombian women.

Have a sense of humor

Colombian people are talkative, open, and usually see the brighter side of things. A weak sense of humor and a poor disposition will not be helpful in cracking the code of making a woman fall in love with you.

Be affectionate

Colombians are passionate, expressive, and very comfortable with physical communication and affection. They generally show a lot of kindness, sweetness, and attention to their loved ones. People who are excessively cold and closed-off have a hard time winning a Colombian’s heart. Likewise, ungratefulness is very frowned upon in the country.

Value family

As in many other Latin American countries, family comes first in Colombia. Locals are usually very close to their immediate relatives, as well as to their extended ones. A pivotal part of learning how to make they fall in love with you is to respect the value and importance of family. Be ready to meet their relatives and to spend time with them at celebrations or every other weekend.

Show genuine interest in Colombia

Colombians are proud of their country. Despite its issues, it truly is a part of them. Most people are delighted to show visitors its sights, sounds, food, and culture. Authentic interest in what Colombia has to offer is a step in the right direction.

Mind the way you carry yourself

Locals often dislike rudeness, awkwardness, and poor personal hygiene. In fact, Colombians shower a lot more frequently than people from the United States, Europe, and the Middle East (Khazan, 2015). Women are keen to present themselves in a positive light, so they pay attention to what they wear and tend to their hair and general appearance. Follow their lead.

These are some essential recommendations for success in meeting and captivating Colombian women. Good luck!


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