Diana Uribe and her passion for the past

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She’s been called a hippie, rocker, pacifist, and relentless. But there is no other way to describe Diana Uribe than the best storyteller Colombia has ever had. Her passion for history and Colombian beauty has made her one of the most famous and captivating voices in radio. Her unique style hypnotizes people all over the world.

Diana has made millions of people interested in ancient towns, distant places, political events, and cultural movements. She turned those tedious and confusing stories we learned at school into fascinating tales you want to listen to until the end. And that her podcast (DianaUribe.fm) is always in the Top 5 of the most popular shows proves it all.

Here is the story of another Colombian woman whose passion and hard work have taken her far in her career. But she has also paved the way for other generations of Colombian females.

Diana Uribe, the historian

She was born in Bogotá, but when she was only two years old, she moved to Chicago, where her father was pursuing his studies in engineering. For the following ten years, Diana would live in the US, where she was exposed to the music of the time.

The Beatles, Rolling Stones, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, and others are responsible for her love of rock music. And over time, Uribe will realize how big of an influence those years were for her life and career.

Back in Colombia, after finishing school, she enrolled in college and received a degree in Philosophy. For those asking why she didn’t choose history as her undergrad, there was no history program at the beginning of the ’80s.

For her dissertation, Diana wrote a paper on the cultural revolution of the sixties. Little did she know that 30 years later, she would write a book on the same topic with her daughter, Alejandra Espinosa Uribe. 

After graduation, she worked as a philosophy, English, history, and literature teacher in different high schools. Once again, her love for music was her means to communicate with her teenage students. She has repeatedly said that by trying to figure out teenagers, she considerably improved her communication skills.

Diana Uribe, the radio host

In the ’90s, while Diana started her career as a college professor, she began her first radio project. Not surprisingly, the program was about rock music. It aired for five years on the Universidad Nacional de Colombia radio station. 

At the same time, she had a lecture on the contemporary world, one of the student’s favorite. In it, Diana Uribe would deconstruct historical moments to the point of reaching the origin of the matter. It was an advanced level of History for Dummies, so to speak. 

It was so popular that it got to the ears of Yamid Amat, the director of Radionet. He first invited her to teach his team of journalists about the current Yugoslav and Arab-Israeli conflicts. Soon enough, she became the international commentator for the news program.

But what put her in the spotlight was the radio show she created called La historia del mundo. That show aired for 18 years and gave her the Simón Bolívar Journalism Award for best cultural broadcast on radio.

Her other jobs

In the following years, she was invited by a TV network as an analyst for the international news when the invasion of Iraq began. From that moment, she received many offers from international organizations such as:

– The European Union to study the reunification of Germany.

– The Japan Foundation to delve into Japanese culture.

– The Embassy of Colombia in Ghana to present the historical links between the two countries.

She even worked for a travel agency for years, where people paid to travel with her to India, China, Russia, Syria, Egypt, Turkey, and Europe.

In 2018, her radio show was canceled. But just a few months later, she started her own podcast that has continued to be one of the most popular on every streaming platform three years later. No doubt, sheis a role model for Bogotá women and latin american women.

Diana Uribe and her accomplishments and publications


– 2019: Recognized as an Honorary Member of the Academia de Historia de Norte de Santander.

– 2019: Winner of the Online Award as a favorite influencer in education in Colombia.

– 2016: Recognized with the Benkos Biohó District Award in commemoration of the National Afro-Colombian Day for his contribution to the mobilization and vindication of the rights of the Afro-Colombian community.

– 2011: Awarded the Gusi Peace Prize in the Philippines for her work in creating awareness about tolerance on the radio.

– 2002: Winner of the Simón Bolívar Journalism Award for best cultural broadcast on radio.


– Historia de las Civilizaciones (2008) 

– Historia de las Independencias (2009)

– La Historia en los Viajes (2011)

– 100 Momentos que marcaron el mundo contemporáneo (2013)

– La Vuelta al Mundo en 25 mitos (2015)

– Contracultura (2016)

– Brújula para el mundo contemporáneo (2018)

– Revoluciones (2020)


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