Dating a Colombian Women: Everything you need to know

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Dating a Colombian women can be considered one of the best experiences of your life. As you may know, they have a special taste for authentic men, who act with clarity and who are truly dedicated to a relationship.

For foreign men who aspire to find a date,it could be considered something to experience at least once. Perhaps, something to keep in mind is that Latin Americans are famous all over the world for some special characteristics that distinguish them from people from other regions of the planet.

The image of the Latin woman is recognized by Spanish, French, and English men, who find them very attractive for the qualities that we indicate below:

Dating a Colombian women: Main aspects to consider                             

We cannot generalize that all Colombian women are a specific way. There are aspects that men, in general, like very much and that are very distinctive of women from this well-known region.

They are considered very feminine

Colombian women love to feel and behave like a woman in every way. Thus, you will be meeting women in touch with their most delicate side. They also love to feel protected, reaching the point of total submission in a relationship if they feel it’s reciprocated.

For a Colombian woman, passion is everything.          

European and North American men agree on one thing: they agree that dating Colombian women can be a very passionate experience. Women from this region represent the opportunity to share with someone who reflects sensuality and are very sexy. They are also women who prove to be loyal. Something that is definitely valued in a relationship.

Indeed, everyone likes to feel loved and to be treated with affection, and Colombian women tend to show their love without measure when someone means a lot to them. Beyond stereotypes, Colombian women are very warm in their treatment. Something that foreign men, as well as Colombian men will undoubtedly be able to affirm.

Colombian women behave in a traditional way

It is normal in Colombia that you must meet their entire family. This is how they reaffirm several aspects of the relationship they are building with you. Moreover, you should keep in mind that at some point you will also have to get to  know people around her as her closest friends. As a consequence, you will have a woman who is happy and confident to be in a relationship with you (Virtually single online 2021).

They love dancing and whoever knows how to dance

Colombian women love to go dancing, and it is almost a must on a date with them. Then bringing out your best talent as a dancer will ensure that you get her attention in a big way.

Therefore, you will soon also find yourself taking dance classes, and you will have to master some Latin dances such as salsa and reggaeton. This one is the most popular rhythm of the moment, so you will have to be attentive and ready to try it.

Practice your sense of humor

Did you hear that Colombia is the happiest country in the world? This title is also transferable to Colombian women. They love it when men have a good sense of humor. Because of this, you will discover that Colombian women use local expressions and tell jokes with a double meaning. They like simple conversations, but when it comes to a deep and meaningful casual chat there is nothing nicer than talking to them using your best sense of humor.

Leave shyness aside

It is usual for Colombian women that they expect to have active men who practice the subtle art of being flirtatious. Because of this, women are used to men performing romantic maneuvers to get to her heart.

Besides, it’s important to let her know that you like her. You can give her sincere compliments and behave in an attentive manner. Additionally, Colombian women like to be sought after by men with a strong, masculine appearance and who project success, which in turn makes them feel protected and secure.

What to avoid in Colombian women dating

A large percentage of Colombian women would be willing to marry a foreign man. However, there are several aspects of Colombian culture that you must watch out for. If these are your desires, we will give you a brief list of what you should avoid if you want to conquer the heart of a Colombian.

Avoid talking about drug trafficking

One of the forbidden topics in Colombian conversation is drug trafficking. It is offensive to assume that everyone from this country is involved in this practice.

At all costs, try not to talk about the typical topics such as Pablo Escobar or Narcos series. Likewise, avoid making silly jokes about cocaine with sugar or flour. Unless you want them to laugh, not at the joke, but because she stood you up in the middle of the date (Matador Network 2017).

Respect her religion

This could apply to any woman, but women in Colombia put their religion above any relationship. For example, she may want to attend church regularly. Also, she will want you to go to church with her. If marriage is your ultimate goal, a Colombian woman may insist that this has to be arranged with a religious celebration as the main event.

Remember to be the first to pay the bill

As you may already know, in Colombian dating it’s usual that the man pays the bill. Therefore, offering to pay the bill is one of those things that will make her feel protected. However, it may happen that she offers to do it. Do not be confused with this gesture. It is only a courtesy from her and could become a gesture that shows how much she enjoyed your company.

Use the language in the best possible way

It is usual that we learned some forms of the Mexican language that do not necessarily apply to the Colombian dialect. Now, another point to keep in mind is Colombian dialects. It will not be the same talking to a woman from Cali, Medellín, or Bogotá. Again, we don’t want to scare you. Just make sure you speak in a neutral way while you get to know each other.

Avoid speaking exclusively in your language

We know how difficult the language barrier can be. If you’re dating a Colombian woman, you might make her feel like you’re hiding part of your thoughts and feelings by speaking only in your native language. So, use tools like translators, and encourage yourself to take classes if you want to make a real connection with her.

Finally, you will soon discover that Colombian women are amazing. They are feminine, sexy; they know how to dance, but they also know how to prepare a good home-cooked meal. Whether or not you’re looking for a committed relationship, dating a Colombian women can be a rewarding personal adventure that can change your life for the better.


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