The most important data of the Colombian women´s world cup

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You might be interested to know all about the Colombian women´s world cup. We tell you the main facts about this national football and the current situation.

What you need to know about the Colombian women world cup

The first thing to say is that the Colombian women´s world cup was a failed project for this country. The objective was to host the top women’s national team competition. Colombia announced its candidacy in December 2019. 

This offer was to be evaluated in mid-2020. Its only competition was the New Zealand-Australia venue, which finally won out over Colombia. Therefore, for this future competition, which for the first time will have 32 teams, Colombia will not be the host (ESPN, 2020).

However, this failed bid for the Colombian women´s world cup does not mean that local football isn’t relevant. On the contrary, there are some great talents and teams. We’ll tell you all about it.

Best women’s football teams in Colombia

The local championship of the first division of women’s football in this country is essential. With 13 participating teams, professional football was born in 2017. The first champion was Santa Fe, which is the only club to win two championships, as it repeated the achievement in 2020 (Week, 2020).

Other champions have included Atlético Huila (2018), América de Cali (2019) and Deportivo Cali (2021). It remains to be seen what will happen in the future, as professional women’s football is still in its infancy in the country.

Outstanding players in women’s football in Colombia

You might want to get to know a top Colombian woman in women’s football. Here are some of the most prominent ones:

  • Nicole Regnier. Forward, she had a great career in Europe, as she played in clubs like Atletico Madrid and Rayo Vallecano.
  • Paula Forero. She is one of the best goalkeepers in Latin America. She has great reflexes and provides security in the goal.
  • Yoreli Rincón. One of the relevant women who played in different Colombian women world cup. She plays as a midfielder for Sampdoria in Italy and has an enormous talent to lead her teams (Hoyos, 2021).

The Colombian Women’s National Soccer Team

This team achieved important achievements. For example, it won the gold medal at the Pan American Games in Lima 2019, beating Argentina (DW, 2019). It also achieved runner-up finishes at the 2010 and 2014 Copa America Femenina. These achievements allowed her to qualify for the 2011 and 2015 World Cup.

At the moment, there are still no qualifiers for the next World Cup (except New Zealand and Australia, the hosts). If the Colombian women world cup had been accepted, Colombia would have qualified automatically. However, it will surely be in this tournament and will be one of the powers of Latin America (Razón Publica, 2019). You’ve already learned all about the Colombian womenworld cup and the history of local women’s football – you’re sure to enjoy the sport!


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