Discover the most curious facts about Colombian Women

Colombian women’s facts: | What do these women expect from men

If you learn about the most relevant Colombian women’s facts, you will have more valuable data to meet, become friends ,or fall in love with one of these women.  Here, we will give you all the information you need to know about Colombian women.

Colombian women’s facts: what do they think about life, and what situation are they in?

Considering the most relevant factsabout Colombian women will helpyou understand what they like. For example, if you meet a woman from this country, you will need to know  her tastes and thoughts, about her economic situation and life in general.  

According to research by the Democracy Observatory of the University of Los Andes, Colombian women are very independent but also conservative. For example, 45% think the scheme of “male provider” and “female caregiver” should be maintained. 

Colombian   women tend to have a lower financial capacity than men and  only 34% of them  are employed. Regarding  salary, only 29% of women seem to earn more than two minimum wages. As for the possibility of owning their own home, it remains at 47% (Universidad de Los Andes, 2017). 

Talking about some other aspects, we can say that they attach great importance to parties. During weekends, they go to bars, discos, or any event with music and party.  Colombian women prepare  thoroughly for these special moments. They choose beautiful dresses, sparkling accessories, and captivating perfumes. In other words, they use  sensational outfits for these occasions.

Some of this also happens with 15th birthday parties or quinceañeras parties. In this country, as in many other Latin American territories, this celebration symbolizes the passage from girlhood to womanhood (Vice, 2019). Girls and older women as well   celebrate this kind of event, where they have fun dancing all night long.

What do these women expect from men?

It is also essential to know factsrelated to men. More specifically, what do Colombian women like about their potential partners? For this information, we can rely on a research conducted by the French platform AdoptaUnMan. 

According to this study, 8 out of 10 Colombian women want to meet a funny and adventurous man, that is, they like men who make them laugh frequently.  They also want men to break the monotony and make exotic plans, always with decision and firmness (Fucsia, 2015). 

Finally, other Colombian women’s facts refer to  nationality. According to a report from the dating app Happn, they are very interested in meeting foreigners. Mainly, they had a high percentage of matches with Americans (16,2%) and Argentines (10,7%). Although men from different nationalities can also have the opportunity to fall in love with them (El Espectador, 2017).   

Colombian women are very interested in independent men. If they are foreigners, they will undoubtedly want them to make them live incredible experiences. Knowing these Colombian women’s facts will allow you to have opportunities with all of them. TUndoubtedly, these facts will be very useful to understand what decisions to make. 


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