Colombian Women´s Day: a moment to celebrate with our women

The situation of Colombian women | Colombian Women’s Day: let us celebrate together

Colombian Women’s Day is celebrated in the International Women´s Day context. This ephemeris commemorates a protest on March 8th in New York in 1908. Women marched in the streets to demand their right to work fewer hours, have better pay, and vote. In 1977, the UN adopted the date to commemorate women’s rights. Nowadays, March 8th is celebrated in almost all countries globally (British Council, n.d.).

The situation of Colombian women

If one looks at the present situation of women worldwide, one might think that men and women are equal. That is only partially right. Although women’s rights are more recognized now than a hundred years ago, when we take a closer look, we see that there is still a long way to go.

In Colombia, the situation is not different from the rest of the countries. Statistics don’t lie. For example, many women go to higher education but earn less than men with the same profession and posts. Men and women do not have the same opportunities in many fields of life, for example, sports, arts, and cinematography. And if we talk about violence, most victims of domestic violence are women and girls (UN Women, n.d.).

In this framework, dates like March 8th, Colombian Women’s Day, and November 25th, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, become relevant. It is crucial to remember the role of women in society. Everybody must respect and appreciate women (International Women’s Day, 2022).

Colombian Women’s Day: let us celebrate together

In Colombia, March 8th has been celebrated by many people in the last few years. First, it was more of a memorial day from feminist and women’s organizations, but presently everybody celebrates the date.

Companies, universities, and families send presents and messages that day. What do Colombian women like? Flowers and chocolate are traditional gifts for women. But, these days, they also want an invitation to a spa or a gym, perfumes, or clothes (Portafolio, n.d.).

If you want to learn about the characteristics of Colombian women, of real Colombian women, you must know that they are brave, intelligent, loving, kind, and generous. And you can find a present that meets those features (Claro Institucional, n.d.).  Feminists, women organizations, NGOs, and governmental institutions also celebrate Colombian Women’s Day with marches, protests, and events to recognize their struggles and triumphs. In any case, March 8th is a day to embrace women in the way we feel we want to do it and thank them for all they do for society.


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