The Colombian Woman: 10 Joys and Challenges

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Do you want to live a fulfilling relationship with a Colombian woman? You are probably familiar with meeting women in your country, but meeting Colombian women is completely different. It’s not only about your need to learn Spanish, it’s also about immersing yourself in the Colombian culture and expanding your world and mind.

You don’t need to date one to live the full experience of Colombia’s character. You will learn a lot just from having a Colombian woman as part of your group of friends.

Here are 10 reasons why a Colombian woman will change your life.

The Joys

Meeting Colombian girlshas many joys. Most of them are related to social life and loyalty, but there are also some related to their culture, their historical heritage, and even their gastronomy.

1. They Are Spontaneous and Natural Leaders

Colombians know how to really live and enjoy the present time. They are very expressive and you can easily know what they are thinking even when they are not talking. This makes relationships with them more natural and less cryptic. You won’t have to wonder if she is happy or mad because you will see it on her face.

A Colombian woman will also stand out because of her cheerful character and her ability to lead others. These characteristics make them talented leaders, even if they are not aware of it.

The exemplary Colombian “Leads with an unavoidable ethical commitment. He is a being who humbly assumes to be the guide of others, raises the standards and harbors an exceptional personal strength. He has the ability to take the first step, favors the collective benefit and serves with decisiveness and transparency” (El Colombiano, 2012). This also applies to women.

2. They Love Music and Celebrations

Music is very important in Colombia. It is a way of expressing emotions, and it’s important for friends and family. It’s very rooted in the culture.

Colombian women love to dance and sing around the house. They even have listen to music on public transportation. This makes having a Colombian woman around a beautiful experience. And having so much music around will make your day brighter.

3. Colombia Has Some of the Most Beautiful Women

Yes, talking about physical beauty might sound superficial, but we can all appreciate beautiful people.

If you want to meet beautiful women, then you must meet a Colombian woman. Have you seen Modern Family? The Character of Gloria, a Colombian wife, is played by Sofía Vergara, a Colombian model and actress. And she is not the only famous woman of Colombia. Shakira, the famous world-class singer, was born in Colombia as well. See what I mean when I say they are musical?

4. A Colombian Woman Will Invest a Lot in a Long Term Relationship, She Will Do Anything for You

Traditional values are very important in Colombia. This makes relationships and family very important for Colombian Women (Bell, 2017), and so, they seek stability and healthy relationships. Opposite to what some people believe, Colombian women are faithful to their partners. And they expect the same treatment. This also applies to friendships and family. Nothing beats a Colombian woman when it’s about loyalty towards their people.

Many of the previous reasons point to something obvious: that a Colombian woman will do anything for you. She will always be by your side provided you do the same. Her family will adopt you as one of their own, and her friends will call you their friend in no time. Befriending or dating a Colombian woman means meeting your best ally.

5. Your Social Life Will Dramatically Improve

Latin-American and Spanish societies are tremendously social. It’s usual to talk to everyone in the room without being introduced. This means that, when you date or befriend them, you will meet most of her friends and you will become part of their social circle very fast. Colombia is a very sociable country, so it’s completely normal to mingle with almost anyone, even strangers (Urbano, 2021).

6. You Will Learn Another Language While Dating a Colombian Woman and Fall in Love with Her Country

Whether or not you already speak a bit of the language, you will learn Spanish if you date a Colombian woman. This is not a special ability only they have. In fact, it happens with every intercultural couple (Laurence, n.d.), You will share books, series, and movies with her. You will also expand your culture by learning about hers. You will need to read Spanish works to better understand her culture and she will appreciate that.

This is also true with groups of friends. People in multicultural groups tend to learn about each other’s cultures too, as a token of respect. It’s also used as a way to joke around with friends.

When you date a woman from Colombia, you will end up visiting them, and enjoying Colombia’s forests and beaches. All of that in the good company of your new Colombian family.

Colombia is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It has beautiful scenery that will leave you speechless. Places like Chicamocha National Park and Chicamocha Canyon and Tayrona National Park are really beautiful, but there are even more (Thomsen, 2021).

7. You Cannot Beat the Hospitality of a Colombian Woman

A Colombian woman is always ready to let a friend or relative who lives abroad inside her home. She will offer her home, and she will take care of them with pleasure.

Usually, her generosity goes further and a walk in the vicinity is a plan that is noted in the schedule. In addition, Colombians love to show the beauty of the country to change the collective imagination and stigmas about Colombia around the world (Uniandinos, 2020).

The Challenges 

There are more joys than challenges in meeting Colombian women. However, you must know some things that have a lot to do with Colombian culture and heritage. Those things could cause some trouble, so pay attention to them.

8. They Can Be Too Conservative, Sometimes

One of the few drawbacks of Colombia and Hispanic societies in general is they can be too conservative (Cultural Atlas, n.d.).

Colombian society still takes into consideration conservative values like the man paying the bill or being jealous of other people. This can be surprising for some people coming from other cultures, like people from the US and the UK.

Conservative values may or may not be something you like, but you should keep them in mind. Not every Colombian woman is the same, but most will have this tendency.

9. Colombian Women Have a Strong Character

Another drawback linked to the conservatism in their country is that they are very fiery. They will be very vocal when they get mad, and will make sure you know it. Who said Machismo? They can take care of themselves quite well, but this also means they will defend you with their life (Gonzalez, 2020).

Let a Colombian Woman Change You

As you can see, a Colombian woman differs from an American or British woman. But it’s different in a way that will enrich your life and your culture. It will change you forever, and will bring the best out of you. Now you know the joys and challenges of meeting a Colombian girl.


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