Five Colombian Girls You Must Know About

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Are you familiar with the exceptionality of Colombian girls? Colombian girls are some of the most interesting girls in the entire world. It’s not without a good reason they are well known in the fashion, entertainment, and sporting industries.

Movies make you think that the most impressive women are those who live in the United States. But those movies never tell you that many of those characters are actually Colombian girls.

They have a potential that you can only find in Colombia, and here are 5 of them you must know about:

5 Colombian girls you must know about

Yuri Alvear

She showed a talent for several sports, including volleyball, water polo, handball and athletics. Her village judo coach saw her fight with a classmate and noticed that she had a talent for judo. He invited her to join the municipal team. She started training late, but her physical condition gave her an advantage. Training in the afternoons, she competed in zonal, intercollegiate and interschool games in her department, until she reached the National Games (El Tiempo, 2009).

Her most important victory was the silver medal she won at the Rio Olympics in 2016 (Colombia CO, 2021a).

It was not the only victory. She has also won three world titles: Holland in 2009, Brazil in 2013 and Russia in 2014.

Alvear won a silver medal at the Pan-American Games in Guadalajara (Mexico) in 2011. She won the gold at the Bolivarian Games in 2013, and at the South American Games in Chile in 2014. She is one of the most talented Colombian ladies.

Mariana Pajón, Another Member of the Olympic Colombian Girls

She was born in Medellín in 1991. Her hometown was full of violence and she took shelter in sport. Mariana first got on a bike when she was three years old and was soon competing against older boys (Ramírez C., 2020).

There were not enough girls to organize a girl’s event, and she had to compete with boys. At just nine years old, she won her first international competition in Argentina. Her latest success was winning the silver medal in BMX at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021.

Mariana also won several world, national, American, Latin-American and Pan-American championships, among others.

In 2016, the city of Medellín inaugurated the Mariana Pajón BMX Supercross Track with her name. She has always proved she is not just a beautiful Colombian, but a ferocious competitor.

Petrona Martínez

Petrona is an Afro-Colombian singer, ambassador of the folkloric music of the Caribbean Coast..

She recorded her first album In 1995, titled “El folclor vive” with her family, a bunch of folklore musicians.(Banco de la República, n.d.). She also composed the song “Rama de tamarindo” to honor her dead son and chose it as the closing song for all her concerts.

The following year she released another recording entitled “El destape del folclor”. It was in 1997 that her name reached fame in wider circles.

She is an artist known for focusing her work on preserving Colombia’s traditions. Petrona has taken the legacy of Colombian folklore from her family, showing the culture and richness of Colombia. Her rhythms make everyone dance, especially Colombians, who have an innate taste for music and dance.

She has been nominated twice for the Grammy Awards for best Latin music album and has shared the stage with Juanes and Aterciopelados. She is one of the most exceptional Colombian girls!

Adriana Ocampo, One of the Leading Colombian Ladies in Science

Born in Barranquilla, she is considered among the 50 most outstanding women scientists in the world, according to Discover Magazine. She is a geologist with over 30 years of experience in space exploration, and she has investigated mass extinctions and impact craters.

Ocampo was awarded the Los Angeles Mexican Women’s Commission’s Woman of the Year award in Science in 1992. She also received the Advisory Council for Women’s Award at JPL in 1996. Ocampo received the Science and Technology Award from the Chicano Federation in 1997 too (, n.d.).

She leads the New Frontiers Programme Missions In her office at NASA Headquarters in Washington D.C. In this program, she reached the limits of the solar system with a probe.

This Colombian woman has worked on a considerable number of NASA planetary science projects, including the Juno space probe mission to Jupiter, the New Horizons mission to Pluto, and the OSIRIS-Rex asteroid sample mission.

Nina García, Leading Colombians In the Fashion World

She was born in Barranquilla, like Adriana Ocampo.

At 8 years of age, Nina loved fashion magazines, thanks to her mother’s influence. Her father encouraged her to pursue a career in what she loved, and so she pursued a career in fashion.

Nina is known worldwide for being the editor-in-chief of Marie Claire USA Magazine and a judge on the reality show Project Runway. She is currently the editor-in-chief of Elle Magazine as well.

Her life was not always easy, and she had to live through Colombia’s drug wars. She lost some friends because of that (CNN, 2018).

When she was 15 years old, she escaped to the United States to start her career in fashion. There, she went to Boston University. She also spent four years at the Ecole Supérieure des Arts et Techniques de Mode, ESMOD, in Paris, where she studied fashion design.

Today, Nina is one of the most important personalities in the international fashion world.

She is also an expert fashion consultant for American TV programs like The Morning Show, The View and CNN. Nina is also the author of four style books that have been listed as New York Times Best Sellers. Aside from that, she has received countless awards and recognitions.

She is one of the most recognized Latin American woman and the first in the region to hold a position of her kind at a fashion magazine in the United States.

Not Just a Beautiful Colombian Face

As you see, there are many influential Colombian girls, proof that they are not just beautiful ladies, but also very capable in their specific fields.

Colombia is the home of many influential women who are setting a high bar for every other country. For sure, they will lead the future and will dominate history books.

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