8 Colombian females who have achieved great things

8 outstanding Colombian females for this country

Many women in Colombia have achieved great accomplishments. Below, we will tell you who are the 8 Colombian females were able to stand out in the country. 

8 outstanding Colombian females for this country

Have you ever wondered who are the most prominent Bogotá women? Here you will discover the most important ones that existed. 

1. Shakira

Shakira is one of the most relevant women in Colombian history. She has sold more than 70 million albums, which makes her the Latin American artist who sold the most albums in history. Shakira is considered the queen of Latin pop in Colombia (El Tiempo, 2019). 

2. Beatriz González

Another of the most outstanding Colombian females in existence. She was a Colombian artist who managed to generate great artwork through drawing, graphics, and sculpture. She is one of the most outstanding artists in Latin America and has managed to make people reflect on the country’s history (El País, 2018).

3. Magdalena León

Magdalena León is a sociologist who has contributed great studies for all of Colombia. Mainly, she has been one of the pioneers in studying feminism in different regions of the country. She even holds an honorary doctorate from the Academic Distinctions of the National University of Colombia (El Tiempo, 2018). 

4. Piedad Bonnett

One of the most important Colombian females in literature. Piedad is a poet, novelist, playwright, and literary critic. She has stood out for having great writings that are born from pain and soothe the minds of many women in the country (El Cultural, 2019). 

5. Doris Salcedo

In this case, we have one of the Colombian women who has worked the most on the political situation in Colombia. She is one of the Bogotá women who has denounced the violence in her territory. She has never had a problem criticizing all the presidents of the country (El País, 2019). 

6. Brigitte Baptiste

Brigitte Baptiste is a Colombian biologist who is currently the rector of Universidad EAN. She made a gender change at the age of 35 and showed the country that sexual biodiversity was important. In addition, she always fought for LGBTI+ rights (El Tiempo, 2021). 

7. Claudia Mosquera

Here we have another Colombian females who are concerned about the social problems of the country. She is an Afro-Colombian social worker who fought for the rights of many Afro-Colombian women. Generally, her work influences the public policies of the state (El Universal, 2020). 

8. Deyanira Corzo

Finally, a transcendent woman scientist for Colombia. She has studied Pompe disease, a condition that was thought to have no cure. However, in 2007, Mass High Tech magazine, the most prestigious scientific magazine in England, mentioned that she was one of the 10 most outstanding women in the world (Colombia, 2020). You have already seen that many Colombian females have done great things for the country in different ways. We hope this information has been really useful for you!


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