Catalina García and her journey in music and art

Catalina García, the child | Catalina García, the singer | Catalina García, the actress

Music in Latin America is nothing but diverse. But even as variety rules, some acts manage to stand out as one of a kind. That is the case for Monsieur Periné, a swing band that taps into gypsy-driven rhythms, classic genres, and Latin sounds. Frontwoman Catalina García lends her voice to this peculiar approach. These are ten things you did not know about her.

Catalina García, the child

1.    Her origins

Catalina was born in Cali, one of Colombia’s largest cities, on February 22, 1986. Her father’s side of the family was local, while her mother’s hailed from the mountains of the Coffee Triangle (Redacción Credencial, 2019).

2.    She grew up around music

García has always been immersed in music. Her hometown is Colombia’s capital for salsa music. Moreover, at her grandfather’s house, she was exposed to local traditional sounds. However, García also learned other melodies from around the world. He even taught her to perform trova (Redacción Credencial, 2019).

3.    She favored female performers

Catalina gravitated toward women in music as she got older. As a girl, she listened to Shakira. As a teenager, she enjoyed female-fronted bands like No Doubt and Aterciopelados (Redacción Credencial, 2019).

Catalina García, the singer

4.    Languages as a gateway

García became acquainted with musicians as a college student. A group of friends began putting together folksy songs –many of them with French lyrics. She became their voice because she knew the language from attending a French high school in Cali. They also played bossa nova, which Catalina could sing as she was studying Portuguese (Redacción Credencial, 2019).

5.    She quit college to nurture Monsieur Periné

Friends soon became bandmates. Monsieur Periné began playing at private parties and entering contests. In time, García abandoned her anthropology studies to focus on the band (Redacción Credencial, 2019).

6.    She performs in character

Catalina stands out among Cali Colombian women thanks to her artistry. However, she says she becomes someone else on stage –Madame Periné (Redacción Credencial, 2019).

7.    Music training

She used to sing by ear. Nowadays, she is exploring her voice with formal training (Redacción Credencial, 2019).

8.    Music sets her free

Catalina says music has allowed her to bypass many social expectations placed upon women in Colombia. She has no intentions of settling down, as her music career gives her the freedom not to be tied down to certain social conventions (Redacción Credencial, 2019).

9.    Music is healing to her

Furthermore, García believes music is a healing language. Not only for performers but also audiences (Makeno, 2020).

Catalina García, the actress

10. She starred in a movie

Catalina explored other creative interests with her role in 2019’s Amigo de nadie. The story follows an upper-class young man in 1990s Medellín –a city shaken by drug trafficking and narco culture (Colprensa, 2019). As seen, Catalina García shines among Colombian females in art and entertainment. Undoubtedly, her unique voice and approach to music have set Monsieur Periné apart in the music scene.


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