What are Cartagena women like and how can you make them fall in love?

What are the main characteristics of Cartagena women? | Tips to fall in love with this type of woman

Cartagena women are usually very attractive. Therefore, more and more men decide to find a way to seduce them. For this, it is necessary to know their personalities, tastes, and interests. Join us to know all the information about them so you can have a good date.

What are the main characteristics of Cartagena women?

Women in Colombia are often very captivating. Many men claim to have fallen in love with them at some point (Publimetro, 2015). However, the truth is that personalities can change depending on the specific area of this country you approach. Therefore, here are some typical traits of Cartagena women.

  • Challenging. These women are not always going to respect the rules. For example, in 2021, a news story became popular where a woman went topless on a local beach. The police gave her a fine, but she mentioned that she would not pay it (Rosales Castro, 2021). This shows that when they want to do something, they will do it regardless of the consequences.
  • Sensual. A women of Cartagena want o feel beautiful, feminine, and sensual all the time. Therefore, it is common for them to beautify themselves before every outing. They pay attention to the scent, the clothes, the gestures, and the smile. Undoubtedly, they take care of their image and their actions.
  • Fighters. Cartagena women often make strong decisions to change their lives. For example, many of them got tired of guerrilla violence… and decided to create their city (Cosoy, 2016). This shows that they are women of strong convictions and you should not argue with their beliefs.

Tips to fall in love with this type of woman

If you want to have a great date with one of the Cartagena women, you should pay attention to some of these tips.

  • Compliments. As we have already mentioned, these women attach a lot of importance to their looks. Therefore, they are very flattered when you mention to them how good they look, the rich perfume the men are wearing or the great choice of clothes they had. Sweeten their ears and you’ll see the results.
  • Respect and education. This aspect does not mean that you should be out of place. That is, you always need consent to tell her things. For that, you must build a natural bond (Tamayo Hernández, 2017). 
  • No pressure. As they are autonomous women, they will set the pace of each date. Therefore, you must have good timing. If she feels uncomfortable with something, you should abandon the idea of insisting on it. Otherwise, she might walk away from you.
  • Surprise her. Cartagena women don’t want promises you can’t keep. Instead, you should surprise them with unexpected decisions. If you promise them something that you don’t deliver, they probably won’t want to see you again (Sanabria, 2021).

Now you know what Cartagena women are like and what you need to have an incredible date with them, you will surely succeed in your goals!


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