Camila Escobar: what are the details of her biography?

Do you know the life of Camila? | Her importance in the coffee industry

Can you trust a Colombian women? The truth is that there are Real Colombian women who have achieved great goals in their lives. In this case, we will talk about Camila Escobar, one of the most outstanding in the business world. Discover her biography!

Do you know the life of Camila?

The first thing to mention is that one of the main Colombian women behavior is that they are hard workers. In many cases, they manage to achieve great goals, as was the case of her. She is one of the most outstanding business women in the country.

She has even been mentioned by Forbes magazine as one of the 50 most powerful women in Forbes Colombia 2020. In case you did not know, she is an industrial engineer from the Universidad de los Andes, who also managed to get a prestigious MBA at Harvard University (Forbes, 2020).

Well, you may be wondering why she is one of the most prominent Colombian women. Currently, she is the president of Procafecol. This is a brand that was born in 2002. Procafecol needs to generate value-added business for the entire coffee industry in the country

In case you didn’t know, Colombia is the third-largest coffee exporter in the world (Bloomberg Online, 2021). Therefore, Camila Escobar’s work is based on boosting this industry even more. Some of this she can do with her work in the company Juan Valdez, which depends on Procafecol. 

Her importance in the coffee industry

The truth is that she assumed the presidency of Procafecol to promote the profitability of coffee in the country. The main shareholder of this company is the National Federation of Coffee Growers, something that has been achieved through the great consumer experiences in the Juan Valdez stores.

This coffee has positioned itself as one of the best on the planet. Through a natural collection, Escobar propitiated the identification of consumers with this brand. In other words, when talking about Colombian coffee, surely the first company that comes to mind is Juan Valdez (The Brand Doctor, 2018). 

Currently, this brand is available in more than 30 countries, with 120 stores worldwide. She aspires to achieve great commercial opportunities in the future. However, she also emphasizes a sustainable culture, with a social and environmental purpose (America Retail, 2021).  You already know that one of the Colombian women facts is that Camila Escobar has stood out enormously in the commercial world. She is one of the people that allows Colombia to be synonymous with quality coffee. We hope you liked her achievements! 


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