Cali, Colombia women: what they are like and where you can meet them

What are Cali, Colombia women like? | Passionate about dancing | Self-determined | Where to meet Cali women | Landmarks | Eateries | Bars and nightclubs

You may have heard people say that Cali, Colombia women are the most beautiful in the country. However, there is much more to them than beauty. Keep reading to find out more about their culture and the best places to meet them.

What are Cali, Colombia women like?

Cali is one of Colombia’s main cities in terms of population and economic performance. Culturally, it is known for its rich mix of ethnicities and backgrounds. As a result, it offers outstanding gastronomy, music, and cultural expressions (ColombiaCo, n.d.).

All these characteristics show in Cali, Colombia women. They are not only beautiful but also lively, talkative, and open. Some people believe their sensual walk and way of carrying themselves stems from Cali’s close relationship with the Colombian Pacific Coast. Undoubtedly, they stand out among women in Colombia as more expressive with their bodies and attire (Redacción El País, 2011).

Passionate about dancing

Cali is a national party destination. Likewise, it is the self-proclaimed world’s salsa capital. So it is no wonder that locals live and breathe music. Cali women, in particular, are known for their incredible dancing skills. They usually enjoy dancing and having fun regulary.


Cali women tend to be self-determined. They have a strong notion of themselves, which they apply to their work and social standing. This has to do with their healthy self-image, leadership and entrepreneurship skills, and overall assertiveness (Mera, 2014).

Such character is only natural to them. During the 20th Century, Cali women dared to challenge traditional roles by working –often in typically male-driven industries. Moreover, they have a flair for creating and running businesses. Additionally, they have always fought for women’s civil and political rights (Mujer Coomeva, 2018). 

Where to meet Cali women

If you are looking to meet Cali, Colombia women, do not miss these places and activities (ColombiaCo, n.d.):


Some of Cali’s prominent landmarks include the Cristo Rey statue towering over the city from the Cerro de las Tres Cruces, the local zoo, the beautiful Granada neighborhood, and the Ermita church.


Cali’s traditional cuisine is unique, as it combines the area’s Spanish, indigenous, and African roots. Make sure to try savory meals such as tortilla soup, plantain and cheese fritters (aborrajados), and pork Milanese (chuleta valluna). Furthermore, sweeten your palate with treats like manjar blanco, coconut patties (cocadas), and grinded ice fruit desserts (cholado).

Bars and nightclubs

The city is full of places to party. Pay a visit to Juanchito, the most traditional and visited area for dancing and having a good time.

Cali also hosts music-filled events all year round. The Feria de Cali draws people from all over the world to dance and enjoy local cultural expressions. Similarly, the Petronio Álvarez Pacific Music Festival and the World Salsa Festival showcase the best of Cali’s musical heritage.

Cali is a wonderful destination to get a taste of Colombia’s diversity and uniqueness. As seen, its women do not fail to portrait its spirit and charm.


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