The Main Characteristics of the Bucaramanga Women

How are the Bucaramanga women like? | The best plans and places to visit | The best spots for dating!

Have you ever dreamed of dating Bucaramanga women? If so, the truth is that you need to know the characteristics that make them so  unique. Below, you will have complete information about their personalities and their interests.

How are the Bucaramanga women like?

First of all, we have to say that women in Colombia are  beautiful. We are not only talking of biology, but we are also referring  to personality. Inner and outer beauty are also present women from Bucaramanga. The population of Bucaramanga area is primarily white. According to DANE, the institute in charge of official statistics data in the country more than 96% of the people in this city are white and mestizo. The rest have Afro-Colombian, indigenous, and gypsy features. The fact that the population is primarily white  explains why there are so many light-eyed women in the area (Vanguardia, 2012). 

In the same way, thesewomen have a strong character.  According to the same study, 73% of men believe that these women are more furious than the rest of the women in the country. The explanation is that, historically, they have been hard-working and independent (Vanguardia, 2012). 

which Most women in Santander’s capital have a hard way of speaking, as they are characterized by their decisiveness. They have never been submissive women. It is common for them to have radical positions, something we can appreciate in the tone of their voice. Indeed, they are strong and courageous women (Claro, 2020).   

The best plans and places to visit

Do you want to meet some Bucaramanga women? Well, here we give you some of the most important places to make meet people: 

  • Vintrash bar. A perfect option, since it is in the center of the most exclusive area of the city. It has excellent drinks, and many women interested in having fun go there. 
  • Tenampa. It is an innovative nightclub, as it combines Mexican and Colombian culture. Generally, there is good live music Fun is also guaranteed.
  • Trinidad Casa Latina. One of the most famous discos in the city. While it has a luxury culinary section, it stands out for providing the best disco experience with hundreds of Latin rhythms. It is the favorite place for women who love reggaeton (Bucaramanga, 2016).  

The best spots for dating!

If you have “’ already met some of these women,  ‘’you will probably want to go on a date. Here are some of the best things to do in the city:

  • La Premiere. It is the only disco bar with a menu specialized in GinTonic, one of their favorite drinks.  We suggest trying the different combinations of this popular drink. Undoubtedly, it is a great option to have a first date. 
  • Chicamocha National Park: Who said dates can not ‘“ take place in the afternoon? Women from Bucaramanga are fascinated by these nature-related plans. It is one of the most relevant attractions in the area, with great views, perfect for a quiet outing. 
  • Penélope Casa Gastronómica. If you want to  eat, you ’can’t miss this option. This restaurant changes its menu every four months, depending on the season. Therefore, both of you will enjoy exquisite dishes all in a relaxing atmosphere (Diners Magazine, 2021). 

Without a doubt, all this information will help you meet and date different Bucaramanga women. We hope we could help  you!


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