The most important characteristics of Bogotá women

What are they like | Tips to fall in love

Bogotá women have particular characteristics. That is, they have customs, tastes, and interests different from other parts of the world. If you want to date women from the Colombian capital, you must take into account these tips. Let’s see more about this.

Bogotá women: what are they like and what do they like?

Women in Colombia are not like women in the rest of the world. If you are thinking about flirting in this country, you must consider what their main interests are. When you know their characteristics, you will have more information to know how to act when you like a girl from this country.

The first thing to mention is that people from abroad are attracted to the beauty of Bogotá women. Mainly, because there are 4 main characteristics of their personality (Colombia Nos Une, 2016). Namely:

  • Smart. These women always find the best way to achieve their results. They seem to be very spontaneous, but they are always thinking of strategies to get what they want.
  • Brave. These kinds of women are very strong inside. When they get disappointed, they move on. They will always love adrenaline situations.  
  • Dreamers. Bogota women accept no barriers to their dreams. When they set their minds to something, they do everything they can to achieve it. The more difficult the goal, the better.  
  • Self-reliant. They are risk-takers and do not need other people’s approval to follow their dreams. Therefore, you will not have to give them orders, but suggestions (Natalia Tamayo Gaviria, 2021).

Tips to fall in love with a woman from Bogotá

Here are some tips to help you fall in love with Bogotá women.

  • Make a conventional exit. They are still not fully in agreement with changing gender roles. For example, according to the Democracy Observatory of the University of Los Andes, only 38.8% of these women are willing to change these roles in society. Therefore, invite her yourself and offer to pay your way out (Universidad de Los Andes, 2017).
  • Are they young women? Take a trip. Whenever you can, you should take a trip, something they love (Rodriguez Florez, 2018). It will be a positive for any future meetings.     
  • Good humor is important. Bogotá women tend to have great charisma. However, they expect the same from men, that is, that they know how to make them laugh. For that, laughter must be part of the first meeting, since that will define the rest.   
  • Watch your look. Bogota women are very aesthetically conscious. They put a lot of interest in clothes, haircuts, and perfume (El Nuevo Siglo, 2015). You don’t need to pretend to be something you are not. You should simply achieve a unique and personal style. 

Chances are you’re attracted to Bogotá women. Now that you know what they’re like and you’ve read these tips, you’re sure to have success with your future dates.


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