Barranquilla women: all about their culture and lifestyle

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Colombian women are known for their beauty, kindness, and overall sunny attitude. Barranquilla women shine among them thanks to the special personality their culture fosters. Keep reading to learn more about them and the best places where you can meet them.

The flair of Barranquilla women

Women in Colombia are frequently deemed as kind, bubbly, and passionate. Barranquilla women stand out among them for their joyous and spontaneous demeanor. They are usually seen as lively, bold, and fearless (ElHeraldo.Co, 2015).

Moreover, they tend to rely on their talents and creativity. Cultural researcher and sociologist Diana Rodríguez says that has to do with the Caribbean coast’s melting pot of cultural influences. The region welcomed multiple migration waves throughout the years. As a result, it became home to French, German, and many Arab communities (ElHeraldo.Co, 2015).

Today, many prominent female figures in Colombia are from Barranquilla. Naturally, names like music superstar Shakira, Hollywood actress Sofía Vergara, and internationally renowned fashion designer Silvia Tcherassi come to mind.

However, many other local women are leaving their mark. Multiple political players in Colombia are Barranquilla women.This is the case of Elsa Noguera, mayor of Barranquilla between 2012 and 2015 and former head of the Ministry of Housing, City, and Territory. Today, she is also governor of the department of Atlántico.

Likewise, these womenalso lead in other spheres of Colombian society. They have held important positions in educational institutions, companies, and business, social, and cultural organizations all over the country (Dangond, 2013).

The best places to meet Barranquilla women

Like most cities in Colombia, Barranquilla has a lot for visitors to see and experience. These are some ideal places to explore local culture and meet Barranquilla women.

All things carnival

The Barranquilla Carnival is considered Latin America’s second greatest carnival after Río de Janeiro’s. It was celebrated four days before the Catholic Ash Wednesday. So, this festival congregates people from all walks of life around a festive environment. There are also celebrations beginning all the way back in mid-January (Bidmead, 2017).

A carnival is a cultural event that brings together the multiple expressions of local ethnic, cultural, and historical diversity. It is common to see artistic groups swarming the streets. They attract many attendees to street parties and gatherings. For this reason, it is not strange that the Barranquilla carnival is one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by Unesco. (ColombiaCo, n.d.).

During other times of the year, visit the carnival’s headquarters. The Carnival House offers different activities revolving around local cuisine, craftsmanship, music, and other cultural elements (Informes Especiales, 2019).

Natural destinations

As a coastal city in the Caribbean, Barranquilla has plenty of beaches to enjoy. They are ideal for lounging and soaking in the sun. Moreover, they make great scenarios for surfing (Bidmead, 2017).

Also, pay a visit to Bocas de Ceniza. This is the place where the Magdalena River and the Caribbean Sea meet (Special Reports, 2019).


Barranquilla is somewhat of a paradise for adventurous eaters. Local cuisine is proudly imbued with Hispanic, African, and indigenous influences (Montano, 2017). The city has restaurants of all levels and styles to please all palates.

Do not miss out on trying ‘arroz de lisa’, a dish of seasoned Magdalena River fish and rice. Or a hearty ‘sancocho de guandú’, which is a stewed soup full of traditional Barranquilla ingredients (Montano, 2017). There are also other delicacies that you should not miss. Among the highlights are the ‘bocachico en cabrito’ (fish stuffed with vegetables and grilled) and the numerous fried dishes that you can find literally on every corner (Mercado, 2018). As you can see, the lively spirit of the city is clearly showcased in Barranquilla women. You can visit and get to know this place to find out why they are so charming


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