What has Ángela Becerra done in the artistic world?

The life of Ángela | Her career in the literary field | Her archievements and versatility

Are you interested in knowing the best Colombian women culture? Well, there is a name that stands out in the field of literature: Ángela Becerra. Here we tell you who she is and what she has achieved throughout her career.

The life of Ángela

The first thing to mention is that she is one of the most important Colombian women in literature. She was born in the city of Cali in 1957. When she was only 6 years old, she read her first book, known as Peter and Wendy, by J. M. Barrie. There she would become fascinated with fantasy literature (El País, 2019).

During her early years, she wrote some fantastic stories in an amateur way. By her teenage years, she would create different literary worlds through poems, which would later be published in her poetry book, known as Alma Abierta, released in 2001.

She began her career in Economics, but later dropped out and pursued Communication and Advertising Design. Becerra graduated in 1982 when she was already working as a creative director in an advertising agency. By 2000, when she already had high prestige in advertising, she left the field to devote herself to her passion: literature (Semana, 2019).

Her career in the literary field

As we have mentioned, by the year 2000 her first collection of poems, Alma Abierta, was published. In this book, she showed the existential conflicts of the human being. By the year 2003, she pioneered her own personal “genre”, identified as Magical Idealism (ABC, 2019).

He achieved this with her first novel, entitled De los amores negados. It is a story that takes place in the imaginary city of Garmendia del Viento She won Chicago’s International Latino Book Award for Best Sentimental Novel.

Her career would continue with great successes, such as El penúltimo sueño, released in 2005. This love story was excellently received, as Ángela Becerra won the Azorín Prize in 2005. She even won the Best Colombian Fiction Book Award in the same year. (Casa Amèrica Catalunya, 2019).

Her archievements and versatility

Among other accomplishments, she achieved:

  • International Latino Book Award 2006, for Lo que le falta al tiempo.
  • Premio Planeta-Casa de América 2009, for Ella que todo lo tuvo.
  • Fernando Lara Novel Prize 2019, for Algún día, hoy (La Razón, 2019).

In this way, Ángela is the second most-read author in the Spanish-speaking world, only behind Gabriel García Márquez (Topic Magazine, 2021). Therefore, not only is she a critically acclaimed writer, but she has also achieved great popularity among the people.

In addition, she often works as a columnist in different media. For example, she was invited to important events, such as the Hay Festival (Press Reader, 2020). One of the Colombian women facts is that she proved to be able to perform in different fields of communication and art. She is one of the most important real Colombian women in Latin American literature. Undoubtedly, she stands out for being eclectic and her great trajectory proves this. Surely, she will continue to release excellent books.


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